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Watch 99 Women

watch 99 women

sunset baptism

sunset baptism

Day 99/365
Week 12 Theme: Churches

First Baptist Church
Canton, MI

* I was raised in a baptist home and taught their theology since day one. So much so , that my parents were Baptist missionaries to Mexico. I still agree with the basic doctrinal beliefs of the Baptists, but do have a problem with the legalism some Baptists (probably not isolated to just Baptists, but that is what I know since I grew up as one) have embraced and the hypocrisy of it. As a disclaimer, I have never been in First Baptist Church so I can not speak as to what they believe and do. They may be completely on fire with God's love. What I had a problem with were those areas that aren't specifically spelled out in the Bible yet still enforced as though they were essential doctrines found in the Bible. One of those would be, you can't go to a movie theater to watch a movie - even if it is a clean, wholesome movie. People might think you may be there to see a movie full of sex, bad language and violence extolling bad morals. Also, you can't drink any alcohol, since beer, wine and liquor are sinful. Which I agree if someone uses it in excess or abuses it to the point of being drunk and losing self control. But that argument can apply to most anything - consumption of food, relentless pursuit of careers, etc... After all, Christ's first miracle was turning water into wine, and it was not just grape juice.
This whole thing helped turn me against God and church in my 20's and 30's. I saw the Christians' hypocrisy, much like the Pharisee's adherence to laws yet not having a true love for each other. My problem was that I was looking to men and women for leadership and not looking to God. Not till I realized that men and women will do things wrong but Christ is the example I was to follow did I fully realize God's plan for me and the joy of living according to his purpose. So it's not about being a Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, etc... its about what is in your heart and where your love and guidance comes from - God or man. Men will fail, God doesn't.

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FGR asked me if I remembered anything from my past.
Well Remember when hiding from cooties only took ...
• A Blanket
• Some Rope
• A Few Pillows

I remember back when i was way small as you've seen from what i looked like when i was a lil tyke, but i remember making forts at my Nana's house. and just sitting under the blankets and watching TV. It was if I was away from it all and could just be me.

So do you remember?
Be Ready.

Explore'd #68 6/19

watch 99 women

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