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Buying a watch online. Heart monitor wrist watch

Buying A Watch Online

buying a watch online

My red Swatch Roi Soleil Christmas 1993 watch

My red Swatch Roi Soleil Christmas 1993 watch

got this red Swatch Roi Soleil Christmas 1993 watch online for a reasonable price. As it is a collector piece from Swatch, other sellers offered (& still offering) for 2-4 X the price I've paid). As I am no collector, I've transferred the ownership of the original box, calendar, brochures & receipt to a local Swatch collector.
I should have taken a pic of it when it is brand new. The synthetic diamond studs n strap are slightly worn out by now. When it is really worn out, I'll consider buying a new strap from squiggly.com :P

buying a watch online

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