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Colored leather watch bands : Citizen riva diamond watch : Womens sports watches

Colored Leather Watch Bands

colored leather watch bands

Oris Chronoris - how I see it

Oris Chronoris - how I see it

Oris Chronoris series

- this is how it fits my skinny 6.5" wrists. The diameter without crown is 40mm - but the watch wears a bit larger.

The semi classical look with a simplified chronograph (seconds and minutes only) is both exceptional and suitable for many occasions.

UPDATE 11/2011:
After wearing the watch daily for nearly 2 years I am still amazed by it (I simply love the color combination and the design). The leather wrist strap shows some wear on the hand-facing orange edge (to be hones, I did wear the watch on occasions where it got some beating), but is still works perfectly. I have yet to try the bracelet - I just like the sporty leather strap so much better. If I were to buy an automatic watch again, I would get the Chronoris again.

Things I carry in my purse

Things I carry in my purse

Inspired by the Japanese Magazines.

This picture was taken a while back (Looks like 1 1/2 yrs ago). Let see... some of the things has disappeared already. I use several different huge bags lately. I think it's time to take an updated shot :)

P.S. I enjoy watching those what's in your purse clips on Youtube, so excited that there is something similar yet much more interesting here on flickr.

colored leather watch bands

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